How to Broadcast Live from PC

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Login in to Broadcasters Panel using your User name and Password. You will receive all login-in credentials to access your internet radio station web control panel by email.  



From Main navigation section Click on "DJ", DJ Management page load.  Click on (+Add Dj) button, next, Add New DJ page open. In this page Browse the DJ Image, Type Name, Check on "Active" Insert Password and Click on "Add DJ".

You redirect to the DJ Management Page and you see the newly created DJ details in List. 



From the DJ List Click on "Edit" Button and you get the Connection parameters: 

  • Server Type: Shoutcast v1
  • Server IP:
  • Port: ***
  • Password: *****

 Use the same connection Parameters in your encoding software. E.g BUTT Broadcaster. 



You will need an encoding software to live stream your event E.g Butt. You can Download it Here

Butt is a multi-operating system client broadcaster that handles input from a computer, so live feeds like talking into a microphone or on a computer’s sound-card



After you have downloaded and installed Butt, it is ready to be connected to your server. It’s a simple process. This guide will help you.

  1. In the Butt window click the “Settings” button to open up the settings window if not already open. Click the "Main" > “Add” button under the Server options.
  2. A new Window to add a server should appear. Fill in your server details obtained from STEP 3 above:
  • Name: The name you want to reference to this server, it doesn’t matter what it is as it’s a reference to be used within Butt
  • Type: Shoutcast or Icecast (Follow Step 3 above to get this)
  • Address: (Follow Step 3 above to get this)
  • Port: ***  (Follow Step 3 to get this).
  • Password: Password to gain access to broadcast on your server  (Follow Step 3 above to get this)

Once you have completed the server information click on the 'Save' button to add this to the server list. The 'Edit' button under 'Server' on the 'Main' tab can be used to alter this information at a later time if required and the 'Delete' button can be used to remove any that you no longer require.



To draw more listeners you need to provide any additional info to your server, as in what genre of music is playing, a description of what your station provides, etc. To do this click on the “Add” button under the “Stream Info” section in the settings. Once open, add your station’s details and click “Add"  



Configuring the Stream Audio Settings:

  • Click "Settings" > "Audio"
  • Under the "Audio" tab you will require the following settings:
  • Audio Device (Select as appropriate)
  • Channels: Stereo (Default)
  • Sample Rate: 44100Hz (Default)
  • Codec: MP3
  • Bitrate: 128k or (To be provided byr Radio4Africa).


When you have completed all of your settings, click on the 'Save Settings' button, BUTT Encoder will then save all of the changes that you have made. These changes will get written to the default configuration file that we mentioned earlier.



When you have completed adding your server and editing all of your stream information, to start streaming with BUTT Encoder just click on the 'Play' button on the main interface. This will then connect to the specified server. The yellow play symbol in the main interface will be lit up once BUTT Encoder is connected to a server. The 'Stop' button can then be used at anytime to disconnect from the server. Always keeping an eye on your levels with its built in VU meter to make sure that the audio signal is never in the red and causing any kind of distortion.

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