Learn how to create your first Online Radio Station

Would you like to create your first Online Radio Station? Here is a brief tutorial that will teach you how to do it.


There are two ways of broadcasting online. 

1. You can broadcast live from your computer 

2. or upload files onto the server and use AutoDJ. 


If you want to go for the live option (option 1), you need to install and configure live broadcasting software.

If you prefer to upload files onto the server and use AutoDJ (option 2), all you need is a web browser, you do not need to install any additional software. Using the AutoDJ feature, your Radio Station can broadcast 24/7 even when your computer is turned off.

It is also possible to combine both methods, use AutoDJ to keep your Radio Station online 24 hours a day and go live anytime you want to!



Upon confirmation of your payment, our system will automatically activate your account. You will receive all login-in credentials to access your internet radio station web control panel by email.



Upload your tracks to the default playlist called all music. To learn more, read: How to Upload Music (MP3) to a Playlist. Once you have uploaded tracks to your playlists, autodj will start playing 24/7.



To broadcast live from your computer you will need Source Connection details for your server and configure your broadcasting software. To learn more, read: How to broadcast live from my PC



Publish the radio player widget on the Website of your radio station or share your webplayer/mobile app link with your potential listeners.

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